Ambassadors program

  • You'll be given 3 FREE jewelry
  • We will also give you a costume unique DISCOUNT CODE
  • Earn 10$ commission on evert order using your code
  • You will be a priority feature in our main pages as we are helping you gain more presence in social media!
  • Secret invite to the infleuncer club! Get Free every month + The opportunity to come and shoot in a new campaign video with our team! we will cover all flights and hotels! Get seen by millions of people it's your time to shine
Who can be ambassador ?
it doesn't matter how many followers you currently have. we are all infleuncers of the people in our circle.
And a reccomandation from you means more to your personal network, than from a celebrety they haven't met.
You have an infleunce, why not get compensated for recommending great apparels

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